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Kelly Green or
         Millennial Pink?  

Should a law firm look like a law firm or a start up?  Are we trending towards gold, and are we doing matte or shiny?  Is petal pink out?  Is dusty purple about to break? 


What's next on the horizon shouldn't be a guessing game.  Rise is a consulting wing of Shelley Cekirge Interiors that focuses on what is coming up in spatial design for the younger generation.  After Gen X and Millennials came Gen Z.  Rise specializes in identifying trends on the horizon and setting the agenda for companies geared towards people coming out of college and earning their first paychecks.  Data shows that those in Gen Z are more interested in customizing their homes in portable, cost-conscious ways that they can add on to for years to come and take with them wherever they go. 


Among other clients, Rise has consulted on interior design for hotels focused on youthful clientele, the offices and production facilities of a quickly growing cannabis business in northern California and a high concept workout studio that is setting to franchise this spring.  Rise uses data from consumer behavioral studies to assemble comprehensive plans for commercial interior spaces.

Nothing boring, only the best.

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